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Welcome to the Nurse Nutritionist Certification Board


The mission of the Nurse Nutritionist Certification Board™ (NNCB™) is to certify and
verify the nutrition and nutrition coaching credentials of qualified nurses. 

We certify in accordance with strict industry standards, in accordance with blueprints, and in compliance with our professional and ethical code of conduct.

The Nurse Nutritionist Certification Board™ (NNCB) certifies qualified candidates as Nurse Nutritionists™ and Nurse Nutrition Coaches™.

NNCB Code of Professional Ethics

Please visit both of these pages before you make a decision:

Certified Nurse Nutrition Coach

Certified Nurse Nutritionist

If you have any questions about our mission and requirements, please

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We are now accepting applications from qualified candidates.

Note to Nurse Nutrition Instructors:

Instructors, please complete your application using the Instructor option on the NNCB Application Form or the NNCB Renewal Form.

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